Vision Quests in the Desert November – April with Grandfather Fire Spirit & Gwendolyn

Welcome to Vision Quests with Gwendolyn, Vocal Sound Healer!
If you are looking for a pure, ancient technique for retrieving your innate power, wisdom, wholeness, you are invited to go on a Vision Quest Journey with Gwendolyn! You will be pleasantly surprised at how far you can travel on your Spirit’s Path in just one Vision Quest!
Gwendolyn received a Vision in September of 2021 herself! Spirit sent her a message asking that she begin leading Vision Quests out on the desert property where she resides with her family in South Central Arizona. She had led Vision Quests before in the wilderness for individuals & groups in her vocal sound healing practice. Now Spirit asked Gwendolyn to bring people to this land she is stewarding for their healing.
Solo Vision Quests & Group Vision Quests: Available November-April.
Vision Quest: 5 Days Total: 3 Days/3 Nights with Water Fast
Day 1: Arrive by 3:00pm to set up Outdoor camp. Days 2-5: Quest begins 9am on Day 2; Quest ends approximately 12pm Day 5 (the end time may be longer for a Group Vision Quest).
The Vision Quest is a time for inner soul searching. It is a sacred event where you go beyond time to experience the life-death-rebirth cycle. You die to your old self and shed layers of burdens and outdated patterns in order to birth yourself anew into alignment with your Mission/Vision for your life on earth.
During the Vision Quest you leave the mundane world behind, and enter into a Spiritual inner-world journey of prayer and meditation in relationship to Higher Self, Spirit, the Earth, birds, plants, wind, your visions, and your emotions, in order to come into contact with your innermost core Self. The Vision Quest is a time of letting go, surrendering, and meditative listening to the messages of the earth, the spirit-world, your dreams, and your Soul’s longings.
People typically come on a Vision Quest to re-connect to who they truly are, and to what is most important for them on their Spirit’s evolutionary journey here on Earth in this body at this time.
The Vision Quest is held on the 3.5 acres where Gwendolyn lives in S. Central Arizona. Enter the desert landscape with its mesquite trees, sajuaro cactuses, chaparral bushes, rabbits, roadrunners, quail, hummingbirds, and overall desert charm. During your Quest, Gwendolyn tends to the Spirit of Fire — Grandfather Fire Spirit — who holds you at an energetic & spiritual level throughout the entire process.
When you arrive on the property, you choose your own spot out on the land where you will set up camp for your Vision Quest. You have one day to arrive, ground, and set up on the property. You have the choice to have dinner in the main house. If you choose this option, you must communicate with Gwendolyn as to your food needs two weeks in advance of the Quest. On day-2 you enter a space out on the land of ceremonial preparation for the Vision Quest where among other spiritual tasks, you are guided to breathe so that you connect your Being to the Creator and then ground your energy into the core of the earth. At the end of the Opening Ceremony, you walk up to the Threshold Crossing with Gwendolyn, and then you Cross the Threshold to enter into your Vision Quest experience.
You spend three full days and nights Questing. You enter the Quest in the morning of Day 2.  On day-5 in the morning you are called by drum to return from the spirit world. You Cross back over the Threshold and experience a rite of passage with Grandfather Fire Spirit & Gwendolyn, before re-entry into mundane life. In this Re-Integration ceremony, you name and softly seek to find meaning in the healing messages your spirit world guides gave you on your Quest. When the Quest Re-Integration ceremony is complete, you return to normal life and have the choice of staying for a meal and packing up, or just packing up before you depart the property by 4pm. Remember to give Gwendolyn food preferences if you partake in any meals before or after the Quest.
Staying an extra day before or after the Vision Quest program is an option for an extra fee.
Your Guide: Your primary Guide is Grandfather Fire Spirit and the Spirits of the Land.
Facilitator Gwendolyn will keep the fire going the entire time of your Quest.
Gwendolyn has been offering healing services in the form of massage, psychotherapy, and vocal sound healing sessions, wilderness retreats, concerts, recorded healing albums, global sacred sites tours, etc. since 1987. A guiding vision from Spirit catalyzed the birth of Gwendolyn’s Vocal Sound Healing Practice, and she gave her first workshop on August 5th, 1990. Within a few years she left the massage and psychotherapy fields behind. You may be interested to read Gwendolyn’s doctoral dissertation on vocal sound healing– still the only one ever written on this topic in the world: “A Cross-Cultural Interdisciplinary Study of the Healing Power of Singing and Vocal Sounding” (Pacifica, 1998).
If so, email her to request a pdf copy:
Gwendolyn studied for nine years with an Apache Spirit-Medicine Man from Texas. She traveled to his 40 acre ranch in N.E. Texas multiple times to learn about Vision Questing, The Medicine Wheel: its Creation & Activation, Treading in the Valley of Death, and the Gathering of & Working with one’s spiritual tools. Mike himself was guided by his full-Apache Grandmother on a 3-day / 3-night Vision Quest at age 13, after which he was never the same: He developed clair audient powers during his Quest, and rescued many people throughout his life by following their voice and saving them from many dangers, some life-threatening. From the beginning when Mike witnessed Gwendolyn spontaneously recreate in detail an Apache singing healing ceremony out on the land’s medicine mound without any instruction, he said she was a reincarnated Apache medicine woman.  
Gwendolyn’s teacher would also attend her vocal sound healing courses and workshops at an energetic/spirit level at whatever venue she was working. They would have lengthy conversations on the phone after her events. They would discuss the physical students present, the etheric guests who attended these workshops (Crazy Horse, No Eyes, etc–sometimes a greater number than the physical students!!), and the healings that occurred for workshop participants at physical and spiritual levels. Her teacher would give Gwendolyn reports on her spiritual development progress in terms of how she was doing in bringing her healing gifts to the earth. Mike passed in 2007 from Vietnam-war agent-orange effects. He is with Gwendolyn at a Spirit level to this day, and she Thanks him for that! Love you Mike!
In Preparation for the Vision Quest:
ALL PARTICIPANTS must have had a private vocal sound healing session with Gwendolyn at least one full week  before arriving onto the property for the Quest. Once Registered, contact Gwendolyn to schedule your private session. An accepted equivalent to a private session is participation in a seasonal vocal sound healing course. Check out the current seasonal course description here:  If you somehow do not schedule & experience a private session or have not completed this seasonal course before the Quest begins, you will need to send in an extra $250. in advance of the Vision Quest in order to be able to participate.
Full Vision Quest Program Fee is $495. The program fee is due at least two weeks before your Quest program begins, and is non-refundable.
Solo & Group Vision Quests are offered from November – April: Contact Gwendolyn to schedule your Quest today.
Staying an Extra Day
An extra day’s stay on the land before or after the formal 5-day Quest program is offered for $50/night.
You are entirely responsible for every aspect of your experience on this land and on your Quest.
If you disagree with above statement, put this sentiment in writing with a notarized signature and send it so that  Gwendolyn receives it at least 2 weeks in advance of your Vision Quest start date.
How to Register:
Register for this Vocal Sound Healing Experience in any of the Following ways:
Preferred: Zellepay: Use Mobile # 520-904-2043. Use Gwendolyn’s legal name Wendy M McClure & phone # as you search to Identify her on Zelle. If your bank does not use Zellepay, see options below
Venmo:  Venmo Handle: @Wendy-McClure-1; Last 4 digits of phone #: 2043
CHECK:  Send a Check so that it arrives TWO weeks in advance of the Quest start date to: Dr. Gwendolyn McClure Maricopa, AZ 85139; (Contact Gwendolyn for street address:
Square-Pay: If you want to use your Credit Card with Square Pay, let Gwendolyn know and she will send you an invoice with associated credit card fees.
PayPal: You can also use Gwendolyn Songbird PayPal Friends and Family option:; Please use friends & family. If you opt out of using friends and family PayPal feature, please add a 3.5% surcharge fee of $28 so that Gwendolyn receives the full Vision Quest Program fee. Thank You!

Cancellation Policy:                                                                                                                                            

All Vision Quest Program fees are non-refundable.

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