Dragonfly Ascension II Summer Weekend Retreat New Mexico Mountains 8.12-14.2022

Join us for a beautiful summer weekend retreat at Location to be announced! 

The original location of this retreat experienced significant damages from the NM fires. Please be patient as the new retreat location will be announced soon. Thank you for your prayers for Hummingbird Transformational Living Center, and for your patience.

Expect profound love, transformation, gentle compassion, opportunities for vocal expression/song, grounding, as well as evolutionary progress on your Spirit’s journey.

This retreat is fully catered as vegetarian & gluten free. A meat option is available for a small added charge. A non-dairy option is available.

Retreat Lodging Choices range from camping, to being in a yurt or cabin by the river, to Indoor Housing.

Guests arrive between 2-3pm Friday August 12th; Departure is at 1pm Sunday August 14th after Lunch. 

Register for this Retreat by July 22nd, although the Retreat may fill up before that date so early registration is recommended.

REGISTRATION: The 3-Day Dragonfly Ascension II Summer Weekend Full Retreat Fee starts at $585 for the camping accommodation. All other accommodations and pricing are listed below. Lodging accommodations are offered on a first come first serve basis, so let Gwendolyn know which Lodging option you would prefer as you are registering.

To Register or for further information such as Lodging Accommodations Availability, Contact Gwendolyn and see Registration Details below: Gwendolyn@vocalsoundhealer.com.

Individual Dragonfly Ascension II Retreat Fees Based on Lodging Preferences:

Camping Option: $585. per person. Twenty Camping Sites Available, all along the river

Yurt Lodging:  Yurt Lodging May exist at new location: The YurTemple sleeps 4 people Total; The River Yurt Sleeps 6 Total. Yurt Double Occupancy $621 per person; Yurt Private Occupancy: $681 per person

Indoor Housing: Indoor Lodging May exist at new location. Shared Room (2 people) $691 per person; Private Room: $751 per person. 

Cabin Lodging: Cabin Lodging May be available at new location. Cabin Pricing: 4-6 people: $691 per person; 1-3 people $885 per person. Cabin is along the river & includes toilet, kitchen, shower, and three beds. (Nearby Sauna is off-limits to Retreat Participants.)

DINING: The Retreat is vegetarian & gluten-free. If you prefer a meat option for your meals, an additional sum May be added to your Retreat fee. If you are non-dairy, indicate this to Gwendolyn in the Registration process (no extra charge). 

To fully Register, the program fee is fully paid for no later than July 22nd, three weeks before the start of the Retreat. Please indicate your meal preferences while registering. Once registered for this Retreat, you will receive a welcome packet with a map and directions to new retreat location, and you May be required to fill out a release of liability waiver at new location as part of the registration process.

Register for this Vocal Sound Healing Experience by July 22nd in any of the Following ways:

Preferred: Zellepay: https://www.zellepay.com Use Mobile # (520) 904-2043 with Retreat Leader’s legal name: Wendy M McClure. If your bank does not use Zellepay, see options below.

By Check: Please send a check so that it arrives no later than July 22nd to: Dr. Gwendolyn McClure Maricopa, AZ 85139; (Contact Gwendolyn for street address: Gwendolyn@vocalsoundhealer.com).

PayPal; You can use Gwendolyn Songbird PayPal Friends and Family option: https://paypal.me/GwendolynSongbird. Please use friends & family platform. If you opt out of using friends and family feature, please add a 3.5% processing fee. It is best to check with Gwendolyn if using PayPal.

Credit Cards: The credit card option can be utilized via PayPal or SquarePay Invoice with their respective processing fees. Let Gwendolyn know if you will use PayPal credit card or SquarePay. Thank you.

Cancellation Policy:

if you cancel by July 22nd, 2022, 33% of the Registration Fees are Refundable

If you cancel after July 22nd, 2022, No Registration fees are refundable. Registrants can not apply for this retreat after July 29th.


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