Singing to client

Vocal Sound Healing

Gwendolyn offers three different types of private Vocal Sound Touch Healing Sessions to assist you in Raising your Consciousness and Vibrational Frequency in your Body:

Types of Sessions

  1. Vocal Sound Touch Healing Indoor Sessions
  2. Vocal Sound Remote Phone/Video Conference Healing Sessions
  3. Vocal Sound Outdoor/Wilderness Healing Sessions


In a private session, you are gently held and deeply supported to go to the next level of your Spirit’s journey on this planet, in this lifetime.

Through gentle touch, vocalized sounds onto and around your body, and channeled healing songs for you, I will help you surrender to the Truth of your Being, connect to your Heart, and bring Love and Acceptance to your life.

Each session is a completely unique process which results in healing at physical, mental and emotional levels. It is all guided by your spirit, which I listen to at a very deep level, and which is then reflected back to you through Gentle Touch, Vocal Sound, and Divine Feminine Nurturing Energy.

Some sessions involve a deep re-connecting with the Psyche's unconscious buried layers which are brought to the surface with delicate care and love.


In a Vocal Sound Remote Healing Session with Gwendolyn, she works with you via phone or Skype on your computer. Once the session has begun, you have an opportunity to communicate with Gwendolyn what is occurring for you at all levels: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. She then uses her intuition to take you on a journey of healing, using vocal sounds, songs channeled just for you from her amazing repertoire of healing songs.

In these sessions Gwendolyn“touches” you at a core energetic level to clear distress and density, and raise your  body and soul’s vibrational frequency to the consciousness of Love. Wholeness and integration result from receiving this depth of healing.


Gwendolyn’s Private Vocal Sound Touch Healing Sessions can be conducted in private outdoor/wilderness settings. When Vocal Sound Healing is conducted in an outdoor/wilderness setting, clients connect their voice, body and soul directly with the teachings of Nature, where all is free, uninhibited, and not self-conscious. The natural surroundings support the client's alignment with the true free inner self, which has longed to be released and allowed.

Gwendolyn guides you to connect with, heal, and express your deepest longings and needs. Mother Earth as session co-facilitator holds each client with deep beauty and magical love. Gwendolyn has been leading outdoor private sessions and retreats for over 20 years. Private outdoor sessions can last from 1 1/2 to 4 hours, and there is a small fee added to these sessions for travel time and hiking time.


1 Hour, 1 1/2 Hour, 2 Hour+ Sessions Available

Remote, In your home, at an office location, or wilderness setting

Sessions are $150./hour (1 1/2 hour session minimum is recommended)

Call or Email Gwendolyn to Book your session: 520-904-2043;

Session Packages Available:

2-4 sessions: Deposit of $100; session fee drops from $150/hr to $125/hr. Deposit used towards last session payment

5-7 sessions Deposit of $150; session fee drops to $100/hr; Deposit used towards last session payment

8-10 sessions Deposit of $200; session fee drops to $75/hr; Deposit used towards last session payment

For Series Sessions, Deposit is due to schedule first session; payment is due upon completion of session.

Cancellation Policy

If any session cancelled less than 24 hours, one hour session fee is due. With Package sessions, If series is cancelled after first session is paid for and completed, the Deposit will be retained.