Testimonials below for workshops, private sessions, memorial services, pregnancy and labor, Skype sessions, office blessings, and wilderness sessions! Enjoy scrolling through them!

Vocal Sound Journey Workshop, Class-Series

“I enjoy the magic you create and put into our amazing universe! I so appreciate all your experience and intuition on Trauma and the healing with the release of our authentic voice. Releasing all its layers to be with our Beautiful awaking soul!! You have been and always will be an inspiration in my life and many! You are a Beautiful gift! You showed me my voice and I have continued the journey of using it to create My life and many expressions of Joy and wonder and the hidden realms of the soul’s desire of expression. I like to say the voice and the soul exploring the universe. Your work is life changing. With Gratitude” C.S., Santa Barbara, CA

"Your gifts, skills, and ability to hold space, focus, and energy while channeling sacred songs are a true healing blessing to all who are touched by you. Thank you dear Gwendolyn." J.M. Campbell, CA

“Gwendolyn creates a beautiful safe place for a healing journey.  She has a natural sweet nurturing presence that allows for you to journey to your inner wisdom.  Her vocal sound healing and insight helps you to find your true voice which is both liberating and freeing.  I highly recommend her.” Cathy B.  Lake Havasu City, Arizona

"I asked for a more spiritual life, and I immediately received you. You flew to me like a Dragonfly. Thank you. I’m grateful for your light and love."  L.B., Santa Barbara, CA

“I have spent over 40 years reading self-help books, attending workshops/retreats, and seeking counselors to help me find my voice that was lost during childhood trauma. These attempts had a minimal effect in unlocking my voice.After attending The Vocal Sound Healing Journeys and having a private session with Gwendolyn, something shifted inside of me on a cellular level that allowed my true authentic voice to be sounded. It has been almost a year now since my session with Gwendolyn and my voice has not regressed. It flows through me easily, beautifully, and naturally. Gwendolyn works on a vibrational level that bypasses cognitive function. Her practice is Shamanic in nature. She is a gifted practitioner.” Dr. Julianne Boger, Grass Valley, CA

“I came from a town of 102 people called Smithfield in Kentucky. As an artist and a diverse thinker I was shut down most of my life with the fear-based judgment all around me. When I met you the sound helped me find that place inside where I am safe from my own judgment. Because sound is a vibration. Vibrations are what make up this mysterious universe.” C.C.

“Gwendolyn’s vocal sounding classes are playful, cathartic, profound. A very sweet, welcoming and supportive community of sounding spirits has sprung up around these classes.” Undisclosed

Relating to the S.B. Salt Caves workshop: "Verily, Twas a virtual Marinade of Saltness...Every surface WAS salt, and some pieces Glowed! Our experience there was Pure Sonic-Nectar for the Soul!"  Rusty Rogers, P. M. C., CA.

“I was diagnosed with bi-polar and depression at the age of seventeen and for a year and a half I have been medication-free and succeeding by improving my health through healing classes, meditation, change of diet, yoga and thoughts. These classes with Gwendolyn are life-changing and it gives me strength to continue being strong and successful in my choice of career (photography) and getting everything done on my own while living life fearlessly. I can’t explain how much I appreciate assistance and what a great deal of assistance she grants the world. Gwendolyn’s teachings heal not only me but also many other people and the classes create such an amazing harmony in this community, which shall grow into the entire world. Everyone should take the time to heal, no matter the time and energy or money that goes into it because what is more important than you, yourself? One’s life is so precious and to let go of all the things that scared you once which allowed you to run away from life is more than refreshing and free. Everyone should be able to feel this way, it is allowing oneself to become pure, whole and a part of something great – the universe and all the magic in between. I was in a really dark place of my life for such a long time and at such a young age – the scariest thing to go through alone. Gwendolyn’s classes allow me to come back to reality by getting in touch with my spirituality through my voice.” Y.W. Santa Barbara, CA

Vocal Sound Touch Healing Private Sessions:

"Please know how your abundance of wisdom
Love patience and profound analytic competence has given life to the deep and abiding
Glow of the divine feminine within me as well as all
Who have the gift to commit to your
Amazing therapeutic protocols !
Thank you for allowing me To be touched by your healing grace !
All my love" R.G. Miami Beach, FL

"When Gwendolyn tuned in and sang, the entire host of heaven appeared--complete with Mom who recently ascended to the heavenly realm, my family relatives and ancestors, bringing a divine message and energetic impartation of unconditional love. I've never felt such peace. Gwendolyn's angelic voice cut through my pain and sorrow, allowing release, healing and inner transformation. My life will never be the same again. Gwendolyn's vocal sound healing is literally heaven's bridge."  S.S. Colorado Springs, CO

"Having you in my corner is a true insurance policy. Your positivity is inspiration never forgotten." M.P. Carpinteria, CA

"Dear Gwendolyn,  My session with you was fabulous. I felt afterwards, and continue to feel, very peaceful, centered, and grounded. I've had some wonderful dreams about connecting with the "beloved," and I'm experiencing a strong pull and desire to "return" to that divine within myself. Every day since our session a new aspect of that journey shows up. It's delightful and wonderful. I feel like something has permanently shifted within me. It wasn't just a nice session with you, then back to the same way of being a few days later. I'm different; there has been a transformation and a reconnection at a deep level, and it's wonderful. Thank you so much. Please do keep me posted about your schedule, in this area and in Sedona. Love and many blessings to you and yours." L.K. Nevada City, CA

"Gwendolyn - Thank you, Thank you, Huge Strides. I feel like I have a Deep Tool and a Way to Walk Again. Can’t even tell you how good this is! Thank you for bringing awareness, introspection and miracles. Thank you for your healing medicine !!! I really needed that!"  CEO, Ancient Earth Apothecary

"I recently responded to a private session with sound vocal healer, Dr. Gwendolyn McClure, to help process through some intense emotions within my body. I have been working diligently at helping to support my body to let go of energies that are no longer who I am. I am grateful that I was able to work "one on one" with her because she truly supported me with loving presence, powerful supportive energies, as well as her expertise, to breathe and reconnect with what my body truly cried to express, free of judgment or mind stories. She guided me to help me trust and allow my body to express what my body needs to have an outlet for releasing. This releasing can be in words, sounds, colors, song, etc. There is no logic to this experience. This is not easy at all, but I realize these are the very things that I spent most of my life denying. When I denied those things, I denied myself. I am here to truly experience "all of me" to bring true inner peace. I feel that sound vocal healing is a potential doorway of confronting all that you denied for those that pioneer discovering what lies within them. I have been venturing through that doorway and sound vocal healing has provided me one of the keys to walk through it. This was amazing and I am discovering that sound vocal healing is another tool to help me in my own process of reconnecting with my body.  I am grateful for Dr. Gwendolyn McClure's guidance, love, support.  I am glad that there is someone uniquely like Dr. Gwendolyn McClure living with this purpose and I feel it is her true calling.  I recommend sound vocal healing to anyone that feels ready to take a voyage and embark on reconnecting and familiarizing themselves with their body's intelligence through her gifts."  Rhonda M. Cribbs, Certified Human Design, Living Your Design Guide and Advanced Usui Reiki Practitioner. Las Vegas, Nevada

Video/Phone Private Sessions:

"You've helped me dive deeper into the vastness than I've ever gone in one of your (phone) healing sessions. I now can connect there in an instant and am forever grateful." K.P. Sun Valley, ID

"I have had the blessing and pleasure to work with many professionals and healers across many modalities. Today I had the beautiful opportunity to experience the deep and profound work developed by Gwendolyn McClure, Vocal Sound Healer... This is the culmination of her doctoral work she developed more than 20 years ago and weaves etheric and shamanic song with Jungian psychology to journey into your subconscious and reclaim aspects of your past that have been left hurt or confused. I'm still integrating our session today but the results already are life changing.
I highly recommend checking out Dr. Gwendolyn's work if you're ready to free your self from the imprints of pain and challenges of your past!

She's the real deal"  K.P Boulder, CO.

“I have known Gwendolyn a number of years and had a few sessions with her in person. I was hesitant to try a skype session with Gwendolyn because I know that healing is generally a physical experience but what I found really surprised me. The ability to use the internet as a sort of buffer allowed me to let my guard down completely, in the comfort of my own home I didn’t have to worry about normal perceptions or keeping up appearances, I realized when I heard Gwendolyn’s voice through head phones it was the most pure I’d ever heard it, untainted by my own mirrors and self reflections, vanity, and self doubt. I was able to let go completely and be transported to a place of healing.

I heard a voice saying let go, and as if by some force that was what I needed and after so long of hearing it, my body was able to listen to a trusted voice. I was free... nobody's daughter, not my own burden, on to perfecting an easy weightless laughter. I believe that Magic is the amount of energy required for natural change to occur and in this sense Gwendolyn is a sorceress.” A.B. Santa Barbara, CA

“For me, having taken your classes, workshops, and done one-on-one sessions with you in the past, the vocal sound cyber-touch healing session immediately brought up vivid images from these other settings. I visualized myself in class and especially in the one-on-one session when you were sounding into my body. In my cyber session on Skype, it was as if I could feel you blowing healing energy into my heart space and moving it through my body. As I was singing with you, I could feel my heart loosen and open. I have wanted to do more sounding with you for the whole two years I've been gone, and I was surprised today to manifest that dream. The sounding is such a powerful movement of energy, and it comes across clearly in the cyber setting. I would always choose to work with you in person given the opportunity, but there are many miles between us, and this was such a great blessing! Thank you!" L.R. Eureka, CA

Office, House, Place Blessings:

"It felt wonderful to be with Gwendolyn in my future healing studio, clearing the space and filling it with beautiful song, sound, and sacred intention. Her voice soared with this song, "Many will come, seeking the source of their life, seeking the source of their joy. Feed them well with your song! Many will go, being the source of their life, being the source of their joy. Feeding the world with their song." It was perfect! She helped me prepare my physical space and express my heart's desire!  C.P. Nevada City, CA

Pregnancy, Labor, Delivery Sessions:

“I worked with Gwendolyn during two of my pregnancies, receiving healing sessions as prenatal and postpartum care and during labor.  Her touch and voice therapy allowed me to fully embody the changes that were taking place in my body, spirit and soul.  Gwendolyn's presence during the birth of my children felt like having a Spirit Guide, directly from Source.  She held space for our entire family, supporting not only myself, but my husband, my relatives and midwives. She allowed me to fully embrace the miracle of birth. She was intuitive and sensitive, knowing when I needed support and when I needed to be alone, all the while supporting my highest self.  At several places when I was scared or stuck, Gwendolyn soothed and grounded me. The pre- and post-labor sessions were powerful as well. With Gwendolyn I felt I was able to heal my own mother and inner child wounds.  Throughout the times we worked together, she was profoundly able to help me connect with the wisdom of the Universal Mother, which I have drawn upon often when raising my children, even when adopting children.

The experiences I have had working with Gwendolyn during my early mothering days have translated into my work years later.  She encouraged me to voice my authentic self by speaking my truth and following my heart. I learned to not fear the "cracks," the places of vulnerability in my life, whether I am singing or speaking, but to allow and follow the emotions that arise, seeing them as opportunities for growth. This gift has allowed me to be the artist that I am today. Gwendolyn has directly healed me through touch, words and sound, but also has provided a living example of someone who fearlessly lives her life. She walks with integrity, is able to profoundly express joy and sorrow, and has an endless reservoir of love and compassion." D.G. Olympia, WA

Wilderness Private Sessions:

"From just one private session, and a workshop with Gwendolyn, I feel I’m headed in a direction of clarity, and I have ownership of what feels like the true me without all the fears, worries, and negative self beliefs that I believed was my identity. I am GRATEFUL that Gwendolyn was out there for me to find her. In our personal outdoor session, Gwendolyn almost effortlessly directed me to my truth. She was spot on about how I needed to view certain parts of my history. What I got in our 1.5 hr session, I never got in 18 years of therapy, and 5 different therapists. Her guidance, and how she had me see things, was so true for me. I left our session with a strong grounding of the direction I need to, and want to go on. Also, having our session in the mountains, added to the openness my body experienced. I was able to express my true sound/voice in our work, and since then, I have had a sense that all this worry about stuff I was caring about in my life left me, and wasn’t needed anymore. I now feel like I’m left with the true me, the person I’m supposed to be, and want to be, in this life, and that I am on my true, clear, right path. Gwendolyn, you are an amazing person, I am looking forward to doing many more sessions with you. THANK YOU, Gwendolyn!" R.G. Santa Barbara, CA

Song Healing Phone Call Sessions:

"I'm weeping, Gwendolyn, after hearing you sing this song (Like A Ship In The Harbor). Years ago, I sang it to my girls almost every night for many years. They would beg me if I forgot or felt too tired. Those were the most blessed moments in our lives that they still talk about. That song is so healing that it made all the daily struggles melt away into sacred communion. There is nothing to compare it with for touching us and making our family whole. My life would have been so different without you. Thank you, my dear friend." J.S. Santa Barbara, CA

Song Healing Memorial Service:

"After my father died, I turned to my nephew's girlfriend, Dr Gwendolyn McClure to sing the song, "10,000 miles" from the movie "Fly Away Home" at his memorial service, seeing that, apart from being intimately connected to our family, I knew her to be passionate about the healing power of music.  The music was not available apart from the film, so after renting the movie, she memorized the song and presented it to his spirit at the appropriate time in the service.  I could tell that everyone who heard it was moved, and in fact the priest commented afterwards that he wanted her to sing at his own memorial service." P.D. Long Beach, CA