Workshops By Gwendolyn

Vocal Sound Healing Journey

Vocal Sound Healing Wilderness

Workshops: In the Vocal Sound Healing Journey process, you are guided lovingly, slowly, and safely to feel your body, ground into the Earth, and then connect to and “Birth” the voice of your soul: your deepest longings, desires, joys, sorrows, angers, anything at all. You enter “the river of sound.” Gwendolyn believes we all know how to use our Voices to heal at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Workshop durations are 2 Hrs, 1/2 day, Full-Day, 2-Day; 1-wk. 2-wk. and 3-wk. retreats are available domestically and globally. Gwendolyn incorporates art and movement exercises to help integrate insights and growth derived from the vocal sound healing processes. Indoor and Wilderness/Outdoor Workshops are available.