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Sedona Vocal Vibrational Journey Sat. March 2nd 2019

Dr. Gwendolyn McClure will guide you with love to birth a deeper relationship with your voice as an expression of your soul. Gwendolyn will sing to you, sing with you, and create a safe space to deeply listen, be intimate with, and vocalize the raw truths of your feelings, desires, and soul callings. You will connect with your Heart and the true Light & Love you are. You will experience both passive and active vocal sound healing. Passive vocal sound healing is when you experience Gwendolyn singing and making vocal sounds to bring in the frequencies of pure love and light.

COST - $50.00 cash, check, or card at the door or PayPal
PAYPAL ACCT: www.paypal.me/vocalsoundhealer
PRESENTER: Dr. Gwendolyn McClure
CONTACT: 520-904-2043 or gwendolyn@vocalsoundhealer.com

Gwendolyn has led vocal sound healing journey workshops, concerts, and private sessions since 1990. She wrote her Ph.D. dissertation on the passive and active use of the human voice for transformation of consciousness (Pacifica, 1998) where she acknowledges the indigenous lineage of vocal sound healing on this planet. Her voice carries frequencies beyond this earthly dimension to assist in the healing of humans and the planet.


Spirit Pine Sanctuary Presents "Vocal Vibrational Transformation" Sat. Aft. Oct 6th

ocal Sound Healing Journey
Throat Chakra - Sound Healing Workshop
w/ Master Vocal Sound Healer Gwendolyn

Thursday February 28th, 6-8pm
the Kaverns at Santa Fe Oxygen Bar
Downstairs, 137 W. San Francisco St. Santa Fe, NM 87501

Go beyond what you have ever known in your experience of your voice!

Heal & Transform your consciousness through Vocal Release & Song!

Gwendolyn will guide you to make vocal sounds to clear and heal your Being, and bring in to your field the frequency of unconditional love.

Registration Fee: $15-25 Card or Cash

Bring a mat, blanket, pillow, water, an open heart, & a desire to release!

In her 29th year as a vocal sound healer, Gwendolyn is very excited to come to the Oxygen Bar from Nevada City, CA to create magic and healing with you all!

Contact Gwendolyn with questions or to have a Private Session with her: http://vocalsoundhealer.com; Gwendolyn@vocalsoundhealer.com; (520) 904-2043

With 29 years experience, Gwendolyn is a master vocal sound healer, and wrote her doctoral dissertation on this topic (Pacifica, 1998) "A Cross-Cultural Interdisciplinary Study of the Healing Power of Singing and Vocal Sounding."
Gwendolyn's approach is very gentle, yet very powerfully effective. She meets people exactly where they are and guides them with love into the depths of their Being for the next steps on their spirit's journey in this lifetime. At this workshop you listen to yourself inside, and vocalize what needs to be heard, and you clear out what is no longer needed.
REGISTER In Advance: $75 https://www.zellepay.com; use Zellepay ID: (520) 904-2043: "Wendy McClure"; OR pay by check and send to Dr. Gwendolyn McClure 133 E. De La Guerra St. #228 Santa Barbara, CA 93101; OR AT DOOR PRICE: $85 Check, Cash, Zellepay or Venmo.
Bring a water bottle and snacks(optional)
At this afternoon retreat you will experience both passive and active vocal sound healing. Passive vocal sound healing is when you experience Gwendolyn singing and making vocal sounds to bring in the frequencies of pure love and light. Active vocal sound healing is when you soften your throat, connect your throat to your heart, and activate your voice to become a tool for clearing & strengthening your spirit and body. You will be guided in how to use your voice to clear pain and lower frequency emotions, and claim yourself as the source of unconditional love.
In her 29th year as a vocal sound healer, Gwendolyn is very excited to come to Ventura from Grass Valley, CA to create magic and healing with you all! Here is Information on how to contact Gwendolyn with any questions, or if you desire to have a Private Session with her while she is in the S. CA. area 9/26-Oct 15th: https://vocalsoundhealer.com; Gwendolyn@vocalsoundhealer.com; (520) 904-2043
Check out the FB Event post here: https://www.facebook.com/events/482839262200242/
More Bio Details: Through Heart, Intuition, and Mind, Gwendolyn shares her Songs and Vocal Sounds, transmitting the vibrational frequency of unconditional love to awaken and inspire people to commit to and take steps along their healing journey in this body in this lifetime! She created techniques to guide people to "Activate" their Voice as a Self-Healing Tool. Gwendolyn wrote her doctoral dissertation on her work: "A Cross-Cultural Interdisciplinary Study of the Healing Power of Singing & Vocal Sounding" (Pacifica 1998), and shares her Gifts in the form of Concerts, Workshops & Private sessions in and outside the U.S. Gwendolyn has presented in CA, AZ, MI, NY, OR, WA, OH, NM, NV, ID, & Mexico!

https://www.PayPal.Me/vocalsoundhealerSliding Scale ($300-$150.) Registration via my secure PayPal Link

Ireland Retreat Flyer-1

Ancient Voices Our Voices: An Ireland Vocal Sound Healing Retreat May 2019

Join us for this incredible Irish Vocal Sound Healing Retreat for 6 Days & 5 Nights at tbe beautiful Creacon Wellness Retreats May 21st – 26th, 2019 

Experience Healing Vocal Resonance & Release with Master Vocal Sound Healer Gwendolyn!

Commune with Ancient Celtic Healing Energies on Irish Soil!

I am so excited to offer this inaugural Vocal Sound Healing excursion to New Ross County Wexford Ireland next Spring!

We will be hosted by Creacon Wellness Retreats, 2.5 hours from Dublin, with healthy organic meals 3x/day, trips to local sights, vocal sound healing events, and an opportunity to experience vocal release and song on Irish soil!

The Retreat price below includes a group Round trip shuttle ride from Dublin Airport to Creacon Wellness Retreat. Individuals are responsible for Airfare and arriving in time to catch the group shuttle out of Dublin to County Wexford's Creacon Wellness Retreat.


$1197. per person sharing/ $1333. Single Occupancy: Full Price by April 15th, 2019

These prices include the shuttle trip from Dublin airport to Creacon Wellness Retreats, and a local excursion to the beach at Hook Lighthouse on Ancient East Beach, the oldest operating lighthouse in the world functioning since the 1200's.

You are responsible for your own airfare to Dublin Airport.


Send Registration payment either electronically or by check:

https://www.zellepay.com; Use ID #: 520-904-2043; OR, Send a Check to:

Dr. Gwendolyn McClure 2036 Nevada City Hwy #605 Grass Valley CA 95945

If your bank does not use Zellepay, you can send the Registration Fee via Venmo: https://venmo.com; Use ID info: @Wendy-McClure-1

Contact Gwendolyn for info on how to register: Gwendolyn@vocalsoundhealer.com; (520) 904-2043

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