Exhilarating Evening of Vocal Sound Healing at Center of the Heart!

Last night a group of 15 people came to my 2-hour presentation at Center of the Heart in Santa Barbara, CA. It was a beautiful evening of unwinding and unmasking. We shared joy, laughter, sounds, movements, and songs.

I wove together brief moments of logically explaining what is involved in the Healing process, with longer experiences of expansion and embodied healing. We breathed into our bellies and our Hearts, connected our Hearts to our throats, sounded, moved, sang, freed ourselves from tension, connected with Mother Earth and each other, and experienced freedom and flow within community.

3 Important Stages of Healing Process: If interested in the logical side, here is a nugget I shared with the group.

1) Will and Intention & The Commitment to Heal: It takes you saying yes unconditionally to your healing of any issue.

2) Self Love/Acceptance: With each “problem,” allow and accept the associated feelings with Love. When we Love/accept our feelings, our Psyche’s attention is freed up to see them as symbols and information about deeper themes within ourselves. With Loving Inquiry we can open to these deeper themes

3) Source & Responsibility: Recognize you are at the source of your every experience. As you take 100% responsibility, you can come to what feelings you find with Love and inquiry. By doing this you create freedom in your Psyche…..which leads to freedom in creative expression.

I thank all those who came and trusted me, and trusted themselves, to LET GO, and allow sounds and songs out!!

4 thoughts on “Exhilarating Evening of Vocal Sound Healing at Center of the Heart!”

  1. Love your stages of healing & it is so important that you said personal responsibility creates freedom. So many people like to blame rather than accept that they are the creators of their experiences. Thanks for putting your message so clearly & responsibly!

  2. Dear Wayne, I am glad my comments about principles integral to the Healing Process assisted your life and YOUR Healing practice. Many Blessings in Re-integrating your intention and commitment to heal/be of healing service in your work!

  3. Congratulations for your successful marketing and program in bringing together 15 souls for the purpose of healing and moving forward in their lives. I very much appreciate your sharing of the three basic principles for healing; a personal reminder for me to remember to address personal intention and commitment prior to healing sessions. I used to do that regularly, but as time went by, so did that practice.

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