Recording Studio Today!!! Lullaby CD Progress!!

I am looking forward to entering the fertile ground of Black Cat Studios today a la Penny Little in Santa Barbara to work on my “Lullabies For The Heart” CD. This Legacy CD of all the Lullabies Muriel and Richard McClure sang to us 4 girls growing up comes right from my Heart, hopefully to yours! News soon on how to purchase this beautiful and soothing compilation!

4 thoughts on “Recording Studio Today!!! Lullaby CD Progress!!”

  1. Your music is phenomenal, uplifting and healing to the soul. I am so glad you are working on “Lullabies For The Heart.” It will make a remarkable Christmas gift to anyone needing soothing – and, that’s all of us!

  2. Gwendolyn…It is wonderful to hear that you were working on your new CD on Friday! It was such a JOY having you share some of those songs when you were on my radio show. How special that you are bringing to the world, the songs your parents sung to you! I look forward to hearing your finished CD. Enjoy your time in Santa Barbara. It’s such a gorgeous place! In Joy, Sharon

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