Love & Blessings this Thanksgiving Season!

We each have the capacity to recognize ourselves as the Source of our conscious perceptions. May we choose to focus on what and who we are grateful for this Thanksgiving Season, and allow Lovingness to the parts of ourselves which are vulnerable, shaky, fearful, or resentful. May our Hearts Blossom like Flowers to the Sun! Love and Blessings to You All! I am grateful for you, and I am committed to the constant process of healing and clearing myself, so that I can be of service to you! Gwendolyn

2 thoughts on “Love & Blessings this Thanksgiving Season!”

  1. Hi Gwendolyn: I really like your website, how it flows, the use of images, and of course the content you share in your descriptions and services regarding spirituality, spiritual awakening, spiritual healing, and the use of the human voice connected with intuition in that healing and journey.
    I referred your site to two people today; a musician and healer here in Nevada City, and a friend of mine living in Lake Havasu City (you may already know her, but I will let her introduce herself to you none the less.
    I also shared your Thanksgiving blog article on my Facebook timeline today.
    “…allow Lovingness to the parts of ourselves which are vulnerable, shaky, fearful, or resentful”…this was just perfect for the agitated and confused climate of this particular time period.
    I will continue to read your articles and communicate with you.

    1. Wayne, Thank you so much for your kind comments about my website, and for referring the site to your friends! I appreciate that my post on loving the vulnerable parts of ourselves touched you. With Loving Thanks, Gwendolyn

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