Sound Energy Healing with Mesothelioma Patients: An Article by Virgil Anderson

In this article by my new friend Virgil Anderson, he writes about how Sound Energy Healing can be used to relieve stress in the body and mind for healing. Virgil had a personal healing experience with sound energy healing and sought me out, as I am a Vocal Sound Healer, to ask I read and share his articles on my website. Thank you for seeking me out Virgil!

I for one am a big fan of using my Songs and Voice onto and around the Chakras for profound clearing and Healing of what is in the way! As some of you know, I had a powerful case one time of a man who came to me asking for help with his closed Heart Chakra. He reported not knowing how to love, and how to express love to his adult son. In the core component of the private session, I spent 25 minutes making a stream of continuous Vocal Sound directly into his Heart until he began to sob. My experience was that, through my Vocal Sounds beaming Light, Unconditional Love, and Healing Energy into his Heart Center, the profound density in his Heart turned into fluid flow of loving energy.

Check out this article by Virgil! Copy and Paste the below link into a new browser page and enjoy:

Love, Light and Song/Vocal Sound Healing,

Dr. Gwendolyn McClure Ph.D., Vocal Sound Healing Practitioner for 27 years

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