Presenter Globe Sound Healing Conference April 8th-10th: “Sound and Emotions”

Happy to share that I will be presenting at a Free Online Globe Sound Healing Conference April 8th – 10th called: “Sound and Emotions.” Want to join us?! See the Banner or click the link! Continuing Education Credits available! Go to the website to register:

A YouTube Overview of the Sound and Emotions Conference with Sounds and Music can be seen here:

I was asked to generate a Vocal Sound Healing recording addressing an emotional state. I chose Trauma/PTSD, and this presentation will be featured at this free online conference. Sign up today! Go to the website to register:

Come …Learn how to express your emotions freely,Transform any emotions that don’t feel good,and get back to Your own Vibration,Where you are at PeacePhysically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually.


To See Details of Workshops and Register go to  (If the link doesn’t work… Copy and Paste it into your browser)

20 of the top Psychotherapists, Researchers, Pioneers, Instructors, Doctors, and Sound Therapists in the field addressing important issues and topics around the use of Sound, Music and Vibration for Healing a wide range of Emotional Issues.Presentations and actual Sound Healing Treatments for issues including: Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Trauma/PTSD, Anger, Addiction and Schizophrenia. A Good Balance of Sound Healing Science, New Technologies, and Life Transforming Experiential Workshops.

TellingerAndi & Jonathan Goldman

John St. Claire
sSuzanne Sterling
Jeffrey Thompson

Lisa Rafel

Vickie Dodd


TellingerKarinna Karsten

Shanti Lleone
sSusie Hernandez
Jamie Lu
Silvina Vergara
Suzanne Pereira


TellingerDaniel L.

David Gibson
sUnmaniji King
Deva Munay
TellingerGwendolyn McClure

A YouTube Overview of the Sound and Emotions Conference with Sounds and Music

Sound Treatments before each Presentation

Friday April 8th – Pacific Time10AM – David Gibson – An Overview on working with Emotions12PM – (Treatment – Sound for Trauma) Suzanne Sterling – The Trauma Healing Power of the Voice2PM – (Treatment – Sound for Anger) Silvina Vergara – Sound Therapy: The Path to Emotional Healing4PM – (Treatment – Sound for Emptiness) John St. Claire – Gongs and Altered States: Healing Physical and Psychological Issues6PM – (Susie Hernandez – Sound for Anxiety) Jeffrey Thompson – Expanding Consciousness with the Science of Sound

Saturday April 9th10AM – Andi and Jonathan Goldman – Balancing the Emotional Body through Conscious Humming12PM – (Gwendolyn McClure – Sound of Trauma) Suzanne Pereira – Transformative Healing Journey’s Through Addiction 2PM – (Deva Munay – Sound for Depression) Karinna Karsten – Relationships, Wellness and Sex; Opening to the Fullness of Love4PM – (Unmaniji King – Sound for Grief) Daniel L. – From Sacred Chant to Growling: support for Complex PTSD6PM – David Gibson – 9 Techniques for Releasing Stuck Emotions with the Voice

Sunday April 10th10AM – (Treatment – Sound for Anxiety) Lisa Rafel – Accessing the Power of Your Speaking Voice for Emotional Healing 12PM – (Treatment – Sound for Anxiety, Fear and Anger) Vickie Dodd – Sound as Transformation; Emotional Self Care2PM – Shanti Lleone – Be the Song of Peace: Learn a Powerful Technique to Reset Sorrow, Anxiety and Trauma. (Treatment – Sound for the Parasympathetic System)   4PM – (Treatment – Sound at the Cellular Level) Jamie Lu – Sound, Emotions and the Ascended Masters6PM – David Gibson – Sound for Being at Peace in the Midst of Challenges and Conflicts. Emotions in Relation to Higher Consciousness.

Jamie Lu

Intentions:• To bring people into profound states of higher consciousness.• To help the public to understand and experience the science and effectiveness behind Sound Healing in order to help bring it more into the mainstream (homes and hospitals) and gain more acceptance.• To share treatments with sound, music and vibration for healing a wide range of physical and emotional issues.• To bring Sound Healing into the medical side of hospitals.• To bring Sound Healing into schools for children.“These conferences are profound experiences. From information, concepts and new ideas that peak the imagination, and give hope for the world… to heart opening sound healing experiences that connect everyone and create a whole atmosphere of love and harmony.” see details of Workshops Register go to  (If the link doesn’t work… Copy and Paste it into your browser)

“Come and Be Vibrated into Bliss”


Continuing Education Credits also available


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