Nevada City CA Vocal Vibrational Journey Oct. 5th 2019

In this Vocal Release Journey with Dr. Gwendolyn McClure, you will be lovingly guided to birth a deeper relationship with your voice as an expression of your soul. Gwendolyn will sing to you, sing with you, and sound out with you.
Gwendolyn creates a safe space to deeply listen to, be intimate with, and vocalize the raw truths of your feelings, desires, and soul callings.
Bring a mat, pillow, and water
In her 30th year in the field of Vocal Sound Healing, Gwendolyn wrote her Ph.D. dissertation linking our modern world to the indigenous brilliance of using the human voice for transformation of consciousness (Pacifica, 1998).
Gwendolyn’s voice carries frequencies beyond this earthly dimension to assist in healing humans and the planet. Learn more about her recorded music and stateside/international offerings at:, or on her YouTube Channel:
Registration: $75; Advance Price by Sept 30th $65: Use Mobile # (520) 904-2043 as “Recipient”
Cash or Check at door works as well!
Looking Forward to healing magic with you all!

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