Lullabies For The Heart Coming Soon!

This Lullaby Legacy CD will be filled with songs sung to me as a child by my mother and father who were both beautiful singers. Many of the songs are multiple centuries old, and most from foreign countries, translated into English. Songs such as The Little Ole (Danish), At the Gate of Heaven (Spanish) The Golden Day is Dying (Finnish) etc, and then more modern songs such as: Ship in the Harbor, First Lullaby, You Can Relax Now.

I am Blessed to be in the final Labor contractions in birthing this cd, and it will be available for purchase in January via me, or via CDbaby. In fact, if anyone wants to pre-order it, send $25 to this PayPal address with your address so I will mail it out to you asap!! https://www.PayPal.Me/vocalsoundhealer.

Blessings and Love to All of your Hearts

3 thoughts on “Lullabies For The Heart Coming Soon!”

  1. HI Gwendolyn,

    This is So wonderful that you are finishing up your CD, Lullabies for the Heart. I know it will be wonderful! I continue to enjoy your first CD! Congratulations on honoring yourself and your parents in this way. It must have been an amazing process as you bring to “life” again…all those lullabies that were sung to YOU!

  2. Thanks for the heads up on your CD. Congratulations on being in the final contractions. The last song listed in the article, You Can Relax Now, may be dedicated to you.

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