Cooking The Artichoke: Revealing the Innocent Heart. A Vocal Sound Healing Workshop

On Sunday January 22nd, join me at the beautiful Harmony Ridge Lodge in Nevada City, CA for an all-day Vocal Sound Healing Retreat. Find your voice, Enter the “River of Sound” where you experience and express multiple aspects of your Being.

Clear the past, clear the pain, envision your future, deeply relax into the present. Come early for the Sound Healing Concert Sat evening Jan 21st, and spend a glorious night(s) at this elegant yet rustic Lodge on 5 Acres of Cedar, Oak, and Pine!

To register, call Harmony Ridge Lodge: 530.478.0615, email, or contact Gwendolyn at The Early-Bird price for this event is $115. by Jan. 13th, and thereafter, the workshop fee is $165.

Come enjoy yourself at an entirely new level, a level where you tap into your internal healing resources to expand your Life!

3 thoughts on “Cooking The Artichoke: Revealing the Innocent Heart. A Vocal Sound Healing Workshop”

  1. Hi Gwendolyn,
    This sounds fabulous Gwendolyn! You are always expressing your work in new and unique ways! I may just join you! I’m sure it will be a wonderful day… bringing newness to all!

  2. Hi Gwendolyn:
    Boy, your workshop sounds (ha, ha) great. I am hearing more and more about the healing attributes of sound; and here you are bringing almost thirty years of experience in what is just becoming known to most people. You are a real pioneer…and a very talented one.

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