Women’s Winter Retreat in Lake Tahoe Feb 2nd-6th, 2017!

JoAnna Medina, an elder ceremonialist, founded this retreat on the beautiful shores of Lake Tahoe for “recovery & reclaiming” women. This year I am the featured Presenter, offering an in-depth Vocal Sound Healing Workshop, and a gentle Healing Vocal Concert.

In JoAnna’s words; The retreat “Includes: Drumming, Singing, Dancing — Pass the Rattle Circle… Goddess Raffle, Creativity, Sacred Play… Boutique… Candlelight Ritual Ceremony… Spiral Dance”

For more information, go to the retreat page on JoAnna’s site, http://www.thesacredcircle.net/RetreatPage.html

This retreat is for women recovering from addictions (food, relationships, sex, alcohol, drugs, negative emotions), and JoAnna calls her groups “The 13th Step,” because she incorporates Women exploring and integrating their connection to the Divine Feminine Principle. As I wrote my Senior Thesis at Princeton on Feminist Theology, including those women who were reclaiming ancient gyno-centric traditions, this work is just up my alley. It is a safe. loving, inspiring, and healing retreat, and the food is EXCELLENT!!


2 thoughts on “Women’s Winter Retreat in Lake Tahoe Feb 2nd-6th, 2017!”

  1. Thank you Wayne for your positive reflection on this post, and for your inspiration to share this Women’s Winter Healing Retreat with several of your friends. I hope they come, as I look forward to meeting and sharing healing and expansion into the Divine Feminine with them! With Love, Gwendolyn

  2. Awesome Gwendolyn: I will share this with several FB groups I am a member of as I know there are at least several women who may be interested.
    Great article presentation…contains all of the who, what, where, when, and the how and why. A good model for fliers. Thank you…

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