Vocal Sound Healing in Santa Barbara Salt Caves Tues February 5th, 6-7pm, 2019

Come join us for what will surely be a beautiful cleansing experience of vocal sound release and Himalayan Crystal Salt Clearing Master Vocal Sound Healer Gwendolyn!!
Tuesday Feb. 5
th  2019, 6-7pm
Santa Barbara Salt Caves 740 State St. Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Registration: $25 Cash or Check @ Door or Electronically:
https://www.zellepay.com  use ID#: (520) 904-2043, listed under “Wendy” McClure.   Or Venmo:http:// https://venmo.com Use ID info: @Wendy-McClure-1
For private session information, call Gwendolyn at (520) 904-2043, or email her with any questions at:
From Nevada City, CA Gwendolyn travels globally sharing her gifts of healing.
With 29 years of experience; her doctoral dissertation is on this topic: “A Cross-Cultural Interdisciplinary Study of the Healing Power of Singing & Vocal Sounding (Pacifica 1998)

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