Vocal Opening Half-Day Retreat @ High Frequency Loft Sat. Aug. 25th in Taos, NM

Alana Lee of the High Frequency Loft is a seasoned Retreat Center owner & Healing Practitioner extraordinaire.

At this venue’s afternoon workshop, you will be guided by Master Vocal Sound Healer Gwendolyn to explore the use of your voice for healing all aspects of your Being. You will be guided to connect with your Heart and with the true Light & Love you are. Hope you join us!!

You will experience both passive and active vocal sound healing. Passive vocal sound healing is when you experience Gwendolyn singing and making vocal sounds to bring in the frequencies of pure love and light. Active vocal sound healing is when you soften your throat, connect your throat to your heart, and activate your voice to become a tool for clearing & strengthening your spirit and body. You will be guided in how to use your voice to clear pain and lower frequency emotions, and claim yourself as the source of unconditional love. Check out the Facebook post here to invite your friends!! https://www.facebook.com/events/433215560514116/

In her 29th year as a vocal sound healer, Gwendolyn is very excited to come to High Frequency Loft from Nevada City, CA to create magic and healing with you all! Here is Information on how to contact Gwendolyn with any questions, or if you desire to have a Private Session with her while she is in Phoenix: https://vocalsoundhealer.com; Gwendolyn@vocalsoundhealer.com; (520) 904-2043

Deeper Bio Information: Gwendolyn has 29 years of experience in Vocal Sound Healing: the passive and active use of vocal sound and singing for healing and transformation of consciousness. Through Heart, Intuition, and Mind, Gwendolyn shares her Songs and Vocal Sounds, transmitting the vibrational frequency of unconditional love to awaken and inspire people to commit to their healing journey in this body in this lifetime! She created techniques to guide people to “Activate” their Voice as a Self-Healing Tool. Gwendolyn wrote her doctoral dissertation on her work: “A Cross-Cultural Interdisciplinary Study of the Healing Power of Singing & Vocal Sounding” (Pacifica, 1998), and shares her Gifts in the form of Concerts, Workshops & Private sessions in and outside the U.S. Gwendolyn has presented in CA, AZ, MI, NY, OR, WA, OH, NM, NV, ID, & Mexico!

2 thoughts on “Vocal Opening Half-Day Retreat @ High Frequency Loft Sat. Aug. 25th in Taos, NM”

  1. Interested in attending your Taos, NM event. I have been doing spiritual practice and yoga since 1970, so I’ve done and seen alot. What will actually occour in the Taos workshop??? Do you sing and people listen, do we lie on the floor, do you use gongs or other intrusments?? Do we sing or makes sounds? How is this different than voice singing support for people with trauma. I don’t see your professional training and education, and professional history listed anywhere on your web site. Did I miss something ???

  2. Dear sutprem Blair,

    Thank you for your interest in my Taos half-day Vocal Sound Healing Retreat.

    I am going to email you my CV right now that lists my entire educational background, publications, and presentations in the field of Vocal Sound Healing. What I can say is that when I was doing my doctoral research while writing my dissertation on this topic in 1991-98, I was the first to publish an academic dissertation on this topic.

    I grew up in a family of singers, and was performing vocals from a small child on. I studied Voice with a Juliard graduate from ages 12-18, studied art and movement therapy in master’s level graduate school, and this body of work I offer with Vocal Sound Healing came to me in a vision June of 1990. By August 5th I was giving my first workshop, and within a year I was enrolled in a Ph.D. program in order to create a solid academic understanding of what was happening with people’s Psyches during the Vocal Sound Healing release workshops. If you want a copy of the dissertation, please let me know and I can forward that to you electronically.

    To further answer your questions, I can give a pretty good idea of what will happen at the workshop at High Frequency Loft in Taos, and just so we are clear, I always follow the energy of what is needed for the highest healing in the room, so there may be variations in what actually shows up that day.

    I do the workshop in a circle format. People are both in chairs and on the floor, depending on their comfort level. At the Taos workshop I will likely also work with the medium of pastels and sketch paper (which I provide) to prepare the Psyche for vocal opening and release. My dissertation explains this thoroughly, and basically, I work with the Jungian philosophy that we are all already whole and complete. My job as the facilitator therefore is to support someone to identify whatever needs to be identified to take the next step in the healing process. I have found that the human voice is the most effective tool for healing and transformation of consciousness and matter.

    I do carry with me rattles and elk-hide drums which I sometimes use, but they are secondary to the voices of us all. Yes, I do sing sometimes, but in the half day retreat, I am looking mostly to work not only with the passive aspect of vocal sound healing (listening to me bring in the frequencies of unconditional love with my voice) but also the active aspect, which is midwifing of other people’s voices to both release and clear blocked energies, as well as send sound inside to the body and soul to heal.

    People are guided to connect with their own deepest levels of the Psyche with art as I mentioned, and non-dominant handwriting. I am a big believer in that all the answers are within, so in this workshop we are doing an unlocking process to even greater depths to go on the next steps on our incarnated journey this lifetime to fulfill the soul’s desires/potentials/needs.

    I have used this modality with many populations including assisting yes with post-trauma, in addition to brain-injuries clients, clients with fibromyalgia, sexual abuse victims, and more.

    Please let me know if you have any more questions. I am emailing you my CV/resume combined right now, which has probably way more information than you want to know, but then again, you seem like someone who actually does want to know the details and complete background of whoever you work with.

    Oh one last thing. I got over 4000 documented hours of clinical experience while going for both my MFT license, and Psychologist license. In the end I decided not to get licensed in those arenas, as in my private session work, I definitely touch people. At one point I had three separate careers: licensed massage therapist, MFT/Psychologist Intern, and Vocal Sound Healing practitioner. After several years I let the Psychologist piece go….at least for now. Again, I am here and available if you want to ask any further questions. Sincerely, Gwendolyn

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