Lake Havasu Vocal Healing Day Retreat Saturday Sept 7th 12:30-7:30pm

You are all welcome to join us for the Inaugural Lake Havasu Vocal Sound Healing Day Retreat! We will do some beautiful and deep healing in a gentle way at the Eight Lotus Studio, and then continue on together to heal at the water. Healing tools will be offered such as art, non-dominant handwriting, grounding, vocal release, and song, while together we build community and resonance!
In this day retreat you will be guided to release what is no longer working for you in your life, and guided to claim/birth-in the desires of your soul on your life journey!
The human voice is an extremely powerful tool for clearing energy, releasing your deeper truths, and for connecting with the divine love within you. You will be instructed on how to open your heart to yourself, how to open your throat so that your throat can become the portal through which your deepest truest self arises, and you will gain skills on how to use your voice as a healing tool on your life path.
Please arrive no later than 12:30pm, and bring your favorite potluck dish to share with the group for an early dinner together at the Studio! As soon as you register, I will email you the “What to Bring List” for this day healing adventure! I look forward immensely to our gentle, loving, and healing day together.
Registration is $75 via Venmo, check, Zelle   with (520) 904-2043, or paypal: https://www.PayPal.Me/vocalsoundhealer.  Or, you can hand-deliver or mail a check to Liezl at Eight Lotus Studio to register for this dazzling healing day together!
About Gwendolyn
Gwendolyn has been a vocal sound healing practitioner for 29 years. She wrote the first doctoral dissertation in the world on the topic of vocal sound healing (Pacifica, 1998), and has the same fire and passion to bring healing through passive and active vocal sound as she did at her first workshop in Isla Vista, CA Aug. 5th, 1990.
Private Vocal Sound Touch Healing Sessions
Private vocal sound touch healing sessions are available before the retreat on Friday Sept. 6th only. Gwendolyn is coming to lead this retreat from Nevada City, CA, at the invitation of Liezl Landicho. She has led this retreat in Nevada City for the last 5 years, and people have come in for that day retreat from as far away as Chicago, and you’ll see why! Look forward to you joining us!!
To learn more about Gwendolyn, or to schedule a private session on Friday Sept 6th, go to, or contact her directly at; (520) 904-2043.
You can also purchase tickets for a fee through Eventbrite here or on the FB Event post listed below:
The Facebook event post for this Havasu Day Retreat can be found here:

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