Gwendolyn Interviewed by Sound Healers Association 11/21/21

On November 21st 2021, I had the ultimate privilege of being interviewed by Nasiri Suzan of the International Sound Healers Association. My interview is one hour, very deep, surprising, and shows quite a bit about my Vocal Sound Healing work since its inception in 1990, over 31 years ago. The interviewer was excellent as she  probed my experiences of birthing and offering Vocal Sound Healing in all its permutations of sessions, groups, class-series, wilderness & weekend retreats, and sacred sites international tours for over three decades.

In this interview we also did some energetic time-travel, arcing back to 1998 at the moment of my Doctoral Dissertation defense at Pacifica Graduate Institute. The Dissertation Defense is a threshold crossing process.     If you answer the 3-person committee’s questions correctly, you get to receive your Doctorate. I fielded extremely difficult intellectual questions regarding my Dissertation for a 30-minute period. At the end of the intellectual defense, I offered to DEMONSTRATE Vocal Sound Healing by singing a song to the Dissertation Committee and the 25 or so community members in attendance. The interview can be seen here by clicking this youtube link. Enjoy getting to know Vocal Sound Healing at a deeper level, and thanks for watching the video:



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