Butterflies In My Heart

Today I am collating and typing up what are called “Listening Notes” to send on to my Lullaby CD’s recording engineer. These are the notes I make on the “Rough Mix” of all the songs, before the final mix, So we are so, so close!! I have not been this nervous or excited since the final weeks of the completion of my doctoral dissertation, written on the topic of Vocal Sound Healing (Pacifica Graduate Institute, 1998)

With Butterflies in my Heart…I walk forward into my creative future…one bold and courageous step at a time…knowing that each step I take brings me one step closer to this powerful & creative actualization.

Thank you for listening….for witnessing….and I can’t wait to share the upcoming Lullabies For The Heart CD with you…. so, so soon!! Happy New Year and New Beginnings to us all! Gwendolyn

4 thoughts on “Butterflies In My Heart”

  1. Thank you Sharon! I appreciate your support in this project. And YES! I will see you very soon Beloved!

  2. HI Gwendolyn,

    How exciting! WOW… You’ve come a long way baby! And YES, this is a New Year…and a New Beginning for you!
    I love the way you weaved butterflies into your blog….beautiful !
    AND YOU are going to be in Nevada City in two weeks! Yeah! I hope it will work out that I can be there…
    Congratulations Gwendolyn… you are making life happen!
    with much love, sharon

  3. Thank you Wayne! I love that: “…it’s like the birds are already singing your songs.” You live in the mythical realm as I do….bringing the magic to this world 🙂 Thank you.

  4. Congratulations, Gwendolyn. Yes, it sounds (no pun intended) like you are very close to the finish line on this amazing project. I can feel the twittering excitement as you get closer and closer…it’s like the birds are already singing your songs. I am anticipating the announcement of your CD release, with spin off joy being transmitted by you.

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