Workshops and Private Sessions

Vocal Sound Healing Workshops and Private Sessions

Workshops: In the Vocal Sound Healing Journey, you are guided lovingly, slowly, and safely to feel your Being via your Heart, Breath, and Body. You are gently led to ground into the Earth, and then connect to and “Birth” the voice of your soul. In this unique process, you enter your own “River of Sound," and release your deepest longings, desires, joys, sorrows, angers, dreams and visions.  Gwendolyn believes we all know how to use our Voices to heal at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, as all indigenous tribes have always done so.

Private Sessions: Experience the profoundly transformative style of healing work Gwendolyn created in 1990! Her loving work incorporates gentle touch, transmission of Vocal Sound directly onto and around your body, guided heart/belly breathing, channeled singing just for you, using your own voice as a healing tool, and guided contact with the inner world of your Psyche. Gwendolyn's gentle, loving, yet powerful method allows you to connect with your Heart, raise your Vibrational Frequency from any pain and density to unconditional Love, and bring Acceptance to your life.  Each session is a completely unique process, resulting in healing at physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual levels.   3 Settings: Indoor Session, Skype/Zoom/Phone Session, Wilderness/Outdoor Session

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Upcoming Events

Summer Solstice Women’s Retreat Mason Valley Nevada, June 22nd-24th 2018

Join Samantha and Gwendolyn for this 3-day Women’s Summer Solstice Retreat at Rancho Rico, East of Carson Valley Nevada, along the Walker River.


At this healing and playful retreat we will sing, dance, create cloth and wood-burning art, do yoga and belly dancing, eat life-giving and delicious raw foods, and heal our souls in connection with Mother Earth!


Prepare for your transformative Re-Birth!! 


Gwendolyn has been facilitating retreats, workshops and private sessions for 28 years, and is a master vocal sound healer. This retreat is Samantha’s brain/heart-child, and this is our 2nd Annual Women’s Retreat of Creative Sister Collaboration!


Open to an infusion of deep soulful loving connection to yourself, Mother Earth, and a tribe of Goddesses for this incredible weekend journey at a very affordable price!

See event Facebook post here:


Early Bird special of $250 includes all meals starting with dinner at 5pm Friday June 22nd and ending with lunch Sunday June 24th. To receive the Early-bird price you must be fully registered by Friday June 8th, after which the price goes up to $350. There are some limited partial work-trade spots available at this retreat; contact Samantha for this.

For questions and further information, please contact either Samantha Deputy:; (775) 690-0870; OR Dr. Gwendolyn McClure:; (520) 904-2043


See Facebook Event post here:

REGISTER: Registration Fee: $350 Early-Bird Price Received by June 8th: $250; Use “Recipient: Wendy McClure” Or, Send a Check to: Samantha Deputy. Contact her for the land address:; (775) 690-0870

Upcoming Events

Vocal Sound Healing Day Retreat at the Yuba River! Come Experience an Ultimate & Profound Healing Experience at the Healing Yuba River in Northern California

I am so excited to offer this River Immersion Vocal Sound Healing Day Retreat for the 4th summer in a row! You are invited to a day Retreat with song, meditation, river release, vocal sound release, letting go, claiming/birthing in, and communion with our Mother Earth. I invite you to join us!

Have a profound experience in your connection to Mother Earth who with her winds, birds, river whispers, and dragonfly blessing, will assist you to heal!

See my blogpost for further information:

Also see my Facebook Artist page for a view of this event flyer:


Register w/ for this Vocal Sound Healing Experience! Use Mobile # (520) 904-2043 as "Recipient". Or, Send a Check to: Dr. Gwendolyn McClure 2036 Nevada City Hwy #605 Grass Valley CA 95945


Album: Lullabies For The Heart:
Release Date: April 2017

Gwendolyn's second album offers a compilation of sweet and soothing Traditional & Contemporary Lullabies from around the world (all translated into English). Gwendolyn's Mother & Father sang most of these songs to her while going to sleep as a child. There are also a handful of contemporary Lullabies from artists in the U.S. & Canada. These magical & historical Songs will put your children & grandchildren to sleep, and will soothe the soul of your Adult Self & your Inner Child!
Genre: Traditional Folk; Kids & Family Lullabies
Release Date: 2017
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Album: Songs for the Earth:

This debut album is filled with songs of Love and Healing, and profound connection to Nature. As you listen, you will absorb the vibrations of Unconditional Love beaming through Gwendolyn's lyrical voice, and will be soothed and inspired.
Genre: New Age: Energy Healing
Release Date: 2014
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Dr. Gwendolyn McClure, Vocal Sound Healing Practitioner,

Ph.D. Clinical Psychology

Gwendolyn has 28 years of experience in Vocal Sound Healing: the passive and active use of vocal sound and singing for healing and transformation of consciousness. Through Heart, Intuition, and Mind, Gwendolyn shares her Songs and Vocal Sounds, transmitting the vibrational frequency of unconditional love to awaken and inspire people to commit to their healing journey in this body in this lifetime! She created techniques to guide people to “Activate” their Voice as a Self-Healing Tool. Gwendolyn wrote her doctoral dissertation on her work: “A Cross-Cultural Interdisciplinary Study of the Healing Power of Singing & Vocal Sounding” (Pacifica 1998), and shares her Gifts in the form of Albums, Concerts, Workshops & Private sessions in and outside the U.S. Gwendolyn has presented in CA, AZ, MI, NY, OR, WA, OH, NV, & Mexico!

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